STI Screening

STI rates are on the rise in Ireland!

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Our Home Blood Test services have been suspended. We are sorry for the inconvenience! We are working on improving our service and will be re-launching our Blood Test offering in early 2023. Stay tuned!

You should get tested, whatever your age or sex, but particularly if you:

  • Have had unprotected sex and are worried you might have an STI
  • Have signs or symptoms of an STI such as new changes to the skin around your genitals
  • Have recently changed sexual partner or have had more than one sexual partner
  • Are planning to get pregnant and want to rule out an infection that could affect your fertility or pregnancy
  • Are sexually active and have never had an STI test

Test yourself for a range of the most common sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhoea
  • Hepatits B
  • HIV
  • Syphilis

Order a home collection kit and have your results back within 3-7 days*.

Your home test kit will be sent out in the next available post and should arrive to you within 1-3 days. It will come in a plain, anonymous packaging and will include an instructional leaflet, along with a urine or blood pin-prick collection kit to take the sample.

Once collected, simply send back by post directly to the laboratory using the pre-paid and addressed envelope.

Your results will be reviewed by one of our GPs and made available in your secure MyClinic account within approximately 1 - 5 working days after the lab receives your sample, depending on the test.

The results of your STI home test are completely confidential and kept secure on your MyClinic health dashboard. The results will not be shared with your GP, unless you request it.

If your test comes back showing an infection, our doctors can advise on treatment or prescribe a course of antibiotics to treat the infection if appropriate.

It is important that if you have any symptoms of infection such as pain, discharge or sores involving the skin around your genital area, you should see a GP face-to-face without delay.

We use the same lab as top primary care providers & hospitals.

Tests kits are manufactured within the ISO 13485 accredited facility.