Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I schedule an appointment?
    • 1. Register your free MyClinic account.
      2. Go to the Video Consultations tab in your account dashboard and choose consultation type from the drop-down menu.
      3. Choose your preferred appointment time.
      4. Follow the instructions in your booking confirmation email to access your consultation at the scheduled time.
  • How much does a GP consultation cost?
    • Consultations Monday to Friday cost €40, weekend consultations cost €50 and consultations during bank holidays cost €60.
  • When should I see a GP online?
    • Online doctor consultations can be used for non-emergency medical issues where a physical examination may not be necessary. Most everyday illness can be treated by our GPs online. For urgent medical issues you should seek face-to-face advice from your GP or doctor.
  • Can I use MyClinic for my children?
    • MyClinic GPs can see younger patients between the ages of 2 and 15 years old inclusive. It is important that the child has an account created in their own name by their parent or guardian who will also need to be present during the consultation. Patients age 16 and above can register for their own MyClinic account. We do not currently provide online services for children under the age of two years.
  • Can I request a medical cert?
    • Yes. MyClinic GPs may issue a medical certificate for work, school or college following a video or phone consultation if deemed medically appropriate. We do not provide medical certificates for long term or chronic illnesses.
      We cannot provide social welfare certificates as these must be accessed via your regular GP.
  • Can I request a ‘fit to work’ certificate?
    • We do not provide 'Fit for Work' certificates as these generally require a physical examination. We recommend you attend your regular GP.
  • What happens if I miss my consultation?
    • If you miss your consultation for any reason, please contact the MyClinic Admin Team who will help you to rearrange your appointment for the next available time slot.
  • Can a MyClinic GP refer me to a consultant?
    • A limited number of conditions may be suitable for referral following an online GP consultation. However most referrals will require a physical examination as well as possible follow-up with your regular doctor so are best accessed through your GP.
  • Where are MyClinic GPs based?
    • All MyClinic GPs are based in Ireland and are registered on the Specialist Register of Irish Medical Council.
  • Can MyClinic provide referral letters for the Emergency Department?
    • Yes. Patients with a referral letter from an Irish-registered doctor are not subject to the Emergency Department charge of €100.
  • Can I use the MyClinic service if I am abroad?
    • Of course! If you become unwell or need medical advice while abroad, you can book an appointment to speak with a MyClinic GP as normal. Prescriptions issued by a MyClinic GP are valid in pharmacies across the EU and can be sent by fax for same-day collection if needed urgently.

      Note: Because of Brexit, we can not provide consultation for patients visiting United Kingdom.
  • Can I access a receipt for my consultation?
    • Yes. You can request a receipt by emailing our Admin Team at [email protected] or by submitting a message via your MyClinic dashbord.
  • When can I access a MyClinic GP?
    • Our GPs are available 7 days a week. Monday – Friday: 8am – 8pm. Saturday and Sunday, 9am – 5pm.
  • Can I use MyClinic in an emergency situation?
    • Online consultation are not suitable for emergency situations. If you find yourself in an emergency situation you should seek immediate help by calling 112.
  • Do you accept medical cards?
    • No, as we are a private clinic and offer private consultations.
  • How long does my prescription take?
    • Your prescription will be reviewed by a doctor within 90min and you will receive an email confirmation when it was sent to your chosen pharmacy.
  • How long does my home test kit take to arrive?
    • It takes 2-3 business days.
  • When should I take my blood test?
    • You should take your blood test in the Morning ideally from Monday to Wednesday and return it the same day. This is to avoid delay in the transit to the lab and ensure your sample reaches the lab before the weekend i.e. If you take your sample on Wednesday and post it on the same day, the latest it would get to the lab is Friday.

      Note: The sample must be posted on the day it is taken. The lab will not process samples posted on a different day than they were taken.
  • Do I have to fast before a test?
    • One should fast for a cholesterol test from midnight and take the sample the next morning from 8am.
  • Is there an expiry on my home test?
    • The test kit must be used within a month of dispatch to avoid expiry of the stabiliser in the vial.

      In case of any concerns, please contact our admin team via email: or call us: 01 514 3464. If you submit an online contact form, please make sure to put your email and phone.
  • I have a question regarding home tests / I need some advice on how to take blood sample
    • If you need any help or advise with your test, please contact our admin team via email: or call us: 01 514 3464. If you submit an online contact form, please make sure to put your email and phone. We are happy to support you!
  • Can I order a prescription for anyone other than myself?
    • No, you can only order a prescription for yourself.
  • Can I order a blood test for anyone other than myself?
    • No, you can only order a blood test for yourself.
  • Do you offer prescription home delivery?
    • Yes, however only selected pharmacies offer that. Please contact us to find out more via email: or call us: 01 514 346. If you submit an online contact form, please make sure to put your email and phone.
  • How long will it take for me to receive my blood test results?
    • Once your sample is received at the lab, your results will be uploaded within approximately 1 - 5 working days, depending on the test.
  • How are my results accessed?
    • Your results can be accessed securely via MyClinic profile using 2- step verification. First step is your password and second is PIN. Both are set up by you within the Patient Portal.
  • Is shipping discreet?
    • Yes, all our tests are delivered in a generic, plain packaging.
  • Is shipping included in the test cost?
    • Shipping to you and return shipping to the lab is included in the test cost.
  • What is my PIN number?
    • Your PIN number is a 4 digit secure number that you create and use in the future to access your personal medical records.
      You can reset your PIN number and password in the Patient Portal under the security section of “My Profile”.
  • Test kits cancellation and returns:
    • If your kit has not been dispatched we can issue a full refund.
      If your kit has been dispatched, you can return it for free and we offer a refund less 15EUR admin fee. Please contact us for further assistance.
  • Psychiatry consultation / ADHD assessment cancellation and refund:
    • If you need to cancel your psychiatry consultation or ADHD assessment for any reason prior to your appointment time, simply let our Admin Team know by email or phone. Psychiatry consultations and ADHD assessment may be cancelled free-of-charge up to 7 days before the scheduled appointment time. You will receive a full refund if your appointment is cancelled in this time frame.
  • Can I apply for the Free Contraception Scheme that’s available in Ireland?
    • Yes, if you meet the criteria outlined by the HSE, you can request your contraception for free.
      You must be aged 17 to 26, resident in Ireland and provide a PPS number which is required by the HSE.