Corporate Services
Corporate Services

GP video consultations

With MyClinic Corporate Healthcare, your employees can access secure online video consultations with a GP seven days a week. Employees will no longer have to miss an entire day of work to see a doctor for a routine illness. By reducing costs and making life easier for your employees, you can contribute to establishing a healthier, happier workforce.


Stress is widely recognised as a leading cause of absenteeism in the workplace. With MyClinic Corporate Healthcare, your employees can avail of our secure online psychology service to speak with one of our experienced psychologists who can provide advice and therapy online, reducing the burden of work-place stress and other mental health issues.


Our screening programs cover a wide range of conditions. We provide health checks both on-site and remotely, with our new smart finger-prick blood testing service. By promoting health and screening at work, you can help prevent employee illness before it starts.

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