Covid Antibody Test

Our COVID-19 antibody testing service can help tell you if you've had coronavirus before and developed an antibody response. It does this by checking your blood for the presence of COVID-19 antibodies, which your body produces after infection with the virus. Results will indicate if you have previously been infected with COVID-19. As antibodies can take up to several weeks to develop post-infection, antibody tests are not suitable for diagnosing an active COVID-19 infection. Having a positive antibody test does not ensure that you are protected from becoming unwell if exposed to Covid-19, or for how long any protection may last. Research remains ongoing in this area.

Blood test kit
Confidential Results
Confidential results in 1-5 working days
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Discreet, plain and anonymous packaging
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Free prescription included (if required and advised by the GP)
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Accredited lab (ISO 13485), used by the top care providers & hospitals