Start taking control of your health using our new home finger-prick blood testing

Quick access to the right information and advice is the best way to get well and stay healthy.

With finger-prick blood testing you do at home, you can track a range of blood markers associated with your overall health status. Easily check your kidney, liver or thyroid function, or keep track of your cholesterol levels.

Your results will be reviewed by one of our GPs and made available in your MyClinic account within 7 days after the lab receives your sample.

We also offer a range of other more specific home blood tests, which a GP may recommend. To discuss home blood testing for a specific condition, please book an appointment to speak with one of our GPs here

blood testing

Individual Tests

We offer six screening tests that helps to track your health and to understand associated risks.

Basic Metabolic Profile

Cholesterol level,
liver and kidney function


Important for both
men and women

Energy Profile

Iron status, vitamin D,
and thyroid functioning


High cholesterol increases
your risk of heart disease,
stroke and other illnesses

Iron Status

Iron-deficiency anaemia
affects up to 20% of women and
2% of men

Thyroid Function

An overactive or underactive thyroid can cause of a wide range of physical and psychological symptoms

Watch our short video on how to use the test kit

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