19 May 2023

Why is Travel Medicine important for a healthy trip?

Why is Travel Medicine Important for a Healthy Trip?

There's nothing like trying out new cuisines, visiting famous sites, or experiencing local culture to get your blood pumping for the next trip abroad. 

But while new adventures are always welcome—the last thing you want is to manage an unexpected illness on unfamiliar grounds.

This is why well-being should be a top priority before flying out or sailing away to a new destination. 


Travel medicine is a top choice for maintaining your health and safety abroad. This medical care branch is becoming popular for providing preventive care, treatment options, and even after-care to support a trip abroad.

With the right health advice and care, travellers can avoid unwanted illnesses while away, ensuring a safe return home.


Following the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s never been a better time to be more aware of safety precautions while travelling. This guide will examine the benefits of travel medicine and highlight a travel doctor's role in reducing health risks while away.

What is Travel Medicine?

Travel Medicine focuses on your pretravel health safety, and the best ways to manage diseases and conditions that can be acquired while abroad. 

While there’s a good chance you haven’t heard much about travel medicine—this field is very dynamic, with speciality areas spanning vaccinations, epidemiology, infectious diseases, pre-travel management, travel-related obstetrics, and many more.


Anyone considering a trip abroad can consult with a travel medicine specialist. 

In particular, if you are planning a journey to the tropics or around the developing world—a travel doctor can advise on protective steps against conditions like malaria and yellow fever.


Likewise, pregnant women can enjoy safe travels by consulting health experts on precautions and other welfare measures before embarking on a trip. The same goes for travellers with chronic conditions like heart disease who want to observe the right amount of caution when heading abroad.

What are the Benefits of Travel Medicine?

If you had to choose between sunbathing and spending your trip nursing a fever, fun in the sun would always get the popular vote. 

Travel medicine focuses on your health during the trip and optimises care even after your return home.

The following are different ways travel medicine prepares you for a safe journey and return:

Accurate Information on Vaccination Practices

Smallpox, rinderpest, and tetanus are now unfamiliar names mainly due to the vital work of vaccines. 

A travel medicine provider has the primary task of ensuring your protection against potential diseases in a chosen destination. Vaccinations play a big role in providing this defence. 


The travel health expert will make sure you are up-to-date on vaccinations for avoidable conditions like typhoid and Hepatitis A, or other less common travel-related illnesses. 

This service is essential as some countries may only accept entry with the necessary vaccine documents.

Education on Food Consumption Safety

One of the best parts about travel is the chance to experience new cultures and cuisines. But while abroad, it can take more than an apple to keep the doctor away when trying new food and water sources.


A travel medicine expert can advise on the best food and water hygiene practices while on your trip. This guidance is crucial in areas like Mexico, where Montezuma’s revenge/travellers’ diarrhoea is common. 

Vacationers in other locations like Haiti or the Dominican Republic have also reported cholera from contaminated food and water.

Essential Travel Care to At-Risk Passengers 

Depending on the concerns, travel medicine specialists can help you make informed decisions to prevent disease or injury while away.


For instance, special classes of people like children or older adults can learn and apply recommended safety tips according to age and health status.

As mentioned, pregnant travellers can consult experts for concerns about air travel and tips to avoid blood clots. Similarly, travellers with disabilities or compromised immune systems can benefit from specialist insight into travel safety.

Teach Necessary Preventative Measures

A travel doctor is concerned with covering all bases before a journey abroad.

Say you are planning a trip to a high-elevation area; this doctor may ask questions on the expected altitude of the destination to advise on altitude sickness.

For trips to tropical locations, questions on planned activities, plus the timing of the trip can shed light on issues such as exposure to ticks or mosquitoes.

Your specialist can also share tips on proper hand and food cleaning measures to reduce the risk of contracting disease.

Prescribing Medication to Treat Diseases

To guard against illness while away, a travel medicine expert may prescribe medication for your well-being. This medicine can prevent or treat general travel-related conditions like sea sickness, or target common diseases in your chosen destination.


You can get prescribed travel medication delivered to a pharmacy of your choice. Fill out this questionnaire to begin the process. 

How to Consult a Travel Medicine Specialist

A travel medicine doctor is a trusted partner for health protection before, during, and after a trip abroad.

These doctors assess health history, immunisation status, and travel plans to recommend vaccinations and necessary medicine for your journey. 


While away, you can also check in with your expert to give guidance on treating disease or other health-related questions you encounter.

Our experts share travel health information and advice at home or away. You can get one-on-one time at the click of a button to discuss safe travel habits and health management.

The Last Train of Thought

A passport and luggage may be necessary for your trip, but good health is the most valuable feature to enjoy your travel experience.

Travel experts stays on top of health trends and travel safety concerns, so you don’t have to. Before embarking on a trip far away, it’s essential to consult with a travel medicine expert to remain healthy on the road, rails, or up in the air.