COVID-19 Information for Employers

The outbreak of COVID-19 continues to pose a major economic risk as industries struggle to contain the concern amongst employers, employees and customers.

If your employees or customers are concerned about COVID-19, MyClinic can provide the reassurance of access to GPs when medical services and GP practices are already over capacity.

What to do if a staff member reports that they are unwell with a fever or cough?

Advise the individual to stay at home

Arrange an online assessment with a MyClinic GP

If the individual is deemed to be at high-risk for COVID-19, our team will arrange for immediate referral to the HSE Public Health team

For low-risk presentations the individual will be treated as normal by the online GP, with a prescription or medical certificate issued as appropriate

For further information on providing online GP cover for your employees or customers, please submit your contact details below and a member of our team will be in touch within 24 hours.


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